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How does the GIOS work?

Online platform
Online platform with lessons, tasks, tests and proven tutors
Relevant school program, in-depth knowledge,
Relevant school program, in-depth knowledge, exam preparation simulator
Gamification and interactivity
Gamification and interactivity gets children involved, helps to really understand the subject better
purchase individual courses and separate topics
You can purchase individual courses and separate topics – choose what you really need
The concentration of knowledge
The concentration of knowledge – the whole year academic program 'fits into' only 2-3 months of study
Referral program
Referral program - the opportunity to get scores and buy materials through your unique link

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One topic on a subject includes 2 to 8 video lessons with interactive tasks and notes.
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Course in the subject for a particular class. For example, Algebra 7th grade.
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Every teacher can start using our platform in their classes and schools from now on. You may read the instruction and feedbacks of our teachers in the detailed description of the offer.

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Our team

GIOSis all about the people. The people who aim to make school education efficient, relevant, interesting.

We do not sell online courses. We offer an innovative approach to learning. We want to teach children to learn. Think critically, creatively and freely. Easy to work in a team and apply knowledge in the real life.

Educational experience:

10 YEARS experience in the field of school education
40+ proven teachers with pedagogical experience of 5+ years
110 interactive and gamified lessons

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Our platform is not for boring lectures and
academic theory.

Critical thinking we teach to perceive the world objectively, we inspire to learn
Abstract thinking learn to see the larger picture
be engaged and understand the material instead of memorizing it
concentration of knowledge the whole year academic program 'fits into' just 2-3 months of study
How is the learning organized
Online math courses at the GIOS interactive school ✅ improve your knowledge ✅ teach to solve problems and equations ✅ be ready for an exam or test ☝ learn math in an interesting way.
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