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gios is an interactive online math platform in TikTok style that skyrockets math and critical thinking development
Study on your own, with a teacher or a tutor
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What makes us special?

Students learn theory from short, interactive videos

In these videos, GIOS meerkat explains the importance of math and its applicable perspectives while teaching the material brightly and engagingly.

After the theoretical part, students immediately back up their obtained knowledge with practice

The tasks in our lessons are created by the most qualified teachers.

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the school curriculum
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Our Team

Natalia Limonova
Daryna Vasylieva
Yuri Karpenko
Natalia Limonova
Daryna Vasylieva
Yuri Karpenko
Natalia Limonova
  • Founder and CEO of Global Innovative Online School
  • Board Member of STEM coalition
  • 9 years of experience in education industry

Today, the educational methodologies of the past are no longer efficient for kids born in the digital era. We should now be looking for more interactive approaches and emphasize the value of the subject. Therefore, we created GIOS - gamified, interactive courses for kids that capture their attention and provide them with all the main materials that correlate with the school curriculum.


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Online math courses at the GIOS interactive school ✅ improve your knowledge ✅ teach to solve problems and equations ✅ be ready for an exam or test ☝ learn math in an interesting way.
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